It's an open-source project for creating modding tools for System Shock (1994)

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InkyBlackness is an open-source project for creating modding tools for System Shock (1994). Any useful by-products are happily created, and not the main goal otherwise. The problem domain is the old DOS game System Shock (1994).

Current Focus

The current focus is on creating a fully capable data, resource, and level editor for the game. It is meant to create compatible files for both the vanilla game, as well as the re-releases, such as the extended edition (SS:EE), and the "source-port" including compatible derivatives.

The related sub-project is ss-specs, the documentation of the data files. This project, with the help of the other supporting sub-projects, is set up to allow easy contribution on any finding.



This graphical editor is meant to become the all-in-one editor for the game. The related sub-project is here.

At the moment (2018-06), this tool is not ready to obsolete the deck package. See below.

Deck package

The software-package called deck contains the pre-built binaries of a collection of tools. Follow the official forum thread about this package on the forums. For the moment, this is the complete package of "prototype" tools, which still allow a decent amount of editing. Yet, they are meant to be superseded by HackEd.

The 2D level-editor is currently realized with "shocked-client". Its user documentation can be found here.

hacker is a command-line tool with which modifications can be performed on the byte-level. It is meant to allow rapid experimentation with changes on the data files. Results of these experiments should flow back into ss-specs.


A dedicated YouTube channel exists, with tutorials and show-cases of modding.
Discuss the tools and the System Shock game series in general on the community hub Two sub-forums are relevant: Deck 13 for source-code related discussions, and Engineering for game modding discussions.