Inky Blackness

It's just a pet-project for experimentation

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InkyBlackness is a pet-project for experimentation. Any useful by-products are happily created, and not the main goal otherwise. The problem domain is the old DOS game System Shock.

However, while it is explicitly not the main goal to create another attempt at a clone, work is performed under the following assumption: "What would one need if they wanted to make a clone?" And follow the resulting things in small steps.

Current Focus

The current focus is on the data files and the capability to properly load and save them. Instead of slowly implementing a game engine on the go to represent properties of the resources, the smallest possible steps are performed to see changes using the one engine that runs stable for over 20 years now.

Should ever a level editor come out of this, it will most likely be in the style of the old 2D top-down editors under DOS - not like the modern in-engine applications.


The most relevant sub-project is ss-specs, the documentation of the data files. This project, with the help of the other supporting sub-projects, is set up to allow easy contribution on any finding.

hacker is a command-line tool with which modifications can be performed on the byte-level. It is meant to allow rapid experimentation with changes on the data files. Results of these experiments should flow back into ss-specs.